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Update firmware 3.10

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Update firmware 3.10

Berichtdoor Roadrunner » 25 maart 2004 18:14

Changes made from version 3.00 to 3.10:

Added Marine Colors option to the map setup for displaying BlueCharts similar to MapSource.
Moved the Day/Night display mode from the map setup to the display setup. It still modifies map colors, but separate color-scheme selections have been added for day and night modes.
Lock On Road option is no longer turned on when starting a Follow Road route. This feature is only turned on or off manually. Approaching cross-street information is available with Lock On Road turned off.
Improved guidance text for turns onto on/off ramps or generic roads.
Added the ability to customize the active track log color on the Track Setup page.
Updated the backlight behavior so that if the light level is off, then it will be set to the user mid-level when the light key is first pressed.
Updated translations.
Corrected a problem with waypoint position averaging when upgrading to new firmware.
Changed the Recent Finds page “Remove All” option to only remove points from that list.
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