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Garmin Mobile XT for Win Mobile v4.20.30w as of 14-03-2008

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Garmin Mobile XT for Win Mobile v4.20.30w as of 14-03-2008

Berichtdoor Scheurneus » 25 maart 2008 00:22

Garmin Mobile XT for Windows Mobile software version 4.20.30w as of March 14, 2008



* The Garmin Mobile XT for Windows Mobile software is designed for use on Microsoft Windows Mobile Pocket PC and Smartphone devices.
* You must have a previous version of the XT software installed on your SD card to have all of the help files, voice files and basemap files. These are not included with this update.
* During installation, you will be prompted to turn on your GPS device.
* A minimum card size of 256 MB is recommended for Garmin Mobile XT software with maps.
* If you have previously installed the Garmin Que for Pocket PC application, you must uninstall Garmin Que before installing the Garmin Mobile XT application.
* If you are updating from version 4.10.40 or earlier, you may encounter a new input screen the first time you start the application after the update. If you have a Garmin GPS receiver, select the appropriate link to connect to the receiver.

Change History:

Changes made from version 4.20.20w to 4.20.30w:

* Provide additional error checking to detect corrupted NMEA input from third party GPS receivers.
* Provide increased voice prompt volume for smartphone devices.
* Provide additional coordinate location formats when selecting Where To -> Coordinates.
* Modify map drawing settings to improve the map drawing speed.
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