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Nüvi 24x5/25x5 software version 6.20 d.d. 26-03-2012

Ter ontlasting van de helpdesk, omdat er anders tientallen stickies met firmware updates staan.

Nüvi 24x5/25x5 software version 6.20 d.d. 26-03-2012

Berichtdoor RGM » 31 maart 2012 16:26

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Changes made from version 4.40 to 6.20:
* Added Smartphone Link support for countries outside North America where the Android Application is available.
* Added the Tracker function for position sharing.
* Improvements made to support Smartphone Link in Europe.
* Fixed a bug that incorrectly reduced the number of red traffic events.
* Added support to display building numbers on the map in Russia.
* Improved the hint text for Voice Command address searches.
* Added a display message when changing text language if Voice Command isn't supported in the selected language.
* Added Voice Command support for the initial Saved Locations page to search for all Saved Locations.
* Improvements made to Smartphone Link Traffic, and added quicker switching back to the Traffic Cable.
* Added support for Tracker to share positions on the connected phone with Facebook and Twitter.
* Added the ability to search for Fuel Prices along active routes in Europe.
* Improvements made to Realtime Safety Cameras over Smartphone Link in Europe.
* Improvements made to receiving locations sent from the phone over Smartphone Link.
* Added support for localized YellowPages provider names.
* Fixed a bug that caused pre-recorded voices to sound too loud.
* Fixed a bug that prevented Elevation from working on the Trip Computer.
* General bug fixes and improvements made to the software.

Nüvi 765T SW 4.40
Nüvi 360T SW 5.20
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