Nieuwe firmware 3.4

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WayPoint relatie
WayPoint relatie
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Nieuwe firmware 3.4

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StreetPilot 2610/2650 software version 3.40 as of April 8, 2004

Changes made from version 3.20 to 3.40:

* Problems Corrected:
* Recalculating a route didn't prompt for calculation method.
* Certain finds along a route did not return complete results.
* The previous route could not be saved.
* The unit could become unresponsive when using the remote control on
the Route page while moving with safe mode enabled.
* The route page could show an incorrect destination after activating
a saved route.
* POI and waypoint symbols with a red cross were changed to use a blue
cross to avoid confusion.
* Detours did not always function properly.
* Route preview pages didn't center correctly on the route when using
the 'Prev' and 'Next' buttons.
* The unit could restart in certain cases after transferring a large
number of routes from MapSource.
* New or Changed Features:
* Improved Safe Mode user notification.
* Increased number of via points allowed per route to 250.
* Notify user if detail maps might be outdated.
* Changed appearance of map overlay tabs.

Changes made from version 3.00 to 3.20:

* Problems Corrected:
* Waypoints with spaces in their name could not always be found
* Convenience stores and truck stops were not included when searching
for Services... Auto Fuel.
* When switching from an off-road route to an along-road route, the
off-road route could still be shown as the active route.
* When refining a street name, the body of the street name would
sometimes not be displayed.
* Daylight Savings Time incorrectly interacted with UTC time.
* Features Added:
* Updated text translations.


Aha, ik dacht wel dat Daylight Savings Time niet juist was

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